The Blackmail Horror Files Archive


In response to MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona; The Blackmail Horror Files Archive. 2016
120 x 80 x 110 cm, wood, file folders, polyester, cardboard, various objects.
A number of topics that were shown in the Macba come together in this installation. It is exactly such a Sudden Awakening as of Tàpies; a confront with a shocking reality. Everything is revealed. The archive of leaflets and flyers of museums and exhibitions, the wall with payslips from Andrea Fraser with her Sex-video tapes. Andrea showing the most intimate of herself like Tracey Emin with her bed and her lovers. Hernández-Díez 'evil supplemented with the horror of The Chapman brothers and the violence of Ronald Ophuis. The crime scenes such as the Rob Scholte Car bomb and Andy Warhol who has been shot at. Compromising business in the art world; forgeries, nepotism, tax fraud up to and including Donald Trump who buys his portrait with charity money. Van Gogh's ear on strong water. Poison, drugs and alcohol play a role in this frozen image that can suggest a break-in.

Photo 2; Andrea Fraser Sex Video at Macba Barcelona

Photo 3; Antoni Muntadas, photo place car bomb, Macba Barcelona

Photo 4; Antonie Tàpies, sudden awakening Macba Barcelona

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