Abstract Landscape


Abstract Landscape
Oil on canvas
180 x 120 cm
Following the visit to Hamburger Kunsthalle 2018
George Baselitz is known because his upside down paintings. The Abstract landscape is in Heerewaarden, where I live. The oilpainting was made by dripping the wet paint upside down. The branches refere to Vajiko Chachkhiani The missing landscape.
Photo 2: George Baselitz bildzechsunddrei├čig 1995 at Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Photo 3; Vajiko Chachkhiani The missing landscape 2014 at Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Photo 4; Vajiko Chachkhiani video fragment Lifetrack 2014 (Looking through a window behind branches) at Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Photo 5; Heerewaarden