Floor for the blind


Exhibition Touching offered IV
A1) Photo 3: A magnetic tape emits the constant growl of a dog. You only had to point to our dog Titus and he understood that we were making sound recordings. People who were afraid quickly jumped on another tile.
A2) The arm of a pick-up under the tile hung on a thread. If you stood on the tile, the needle would land on a spinning LP: "Ye-na-na-na" is the annoying intro of a gospel.
A3) Mechanical: a blow on a cowbell and a few marbles rolling in a film canister.
A4) A pickup containing a large tin can cut to shreds slides against the underside of the tile.
B1) Aerodynamic / mechanical: two plastic bats from the Fopshop gives beeping sounds when pushed and panel beating.
B2) When you step on the tile an electronic element amplifies the heavy sound of a long spiral which vibrates.
B3) Acoustic: one by a pickup driven swinging pencil on a thread hits glass, bottles, drums and the strings of a guitar.
B4) Digital: sample of farm animals. A repetitive cacophony of chickens, cows, sheep, dog, horse and a rooster.
C1) If you step on the tile a metal object hanging on the tile hits a rotating metal disk on a pick-up.
C2) A Christmas tree stand with a Bjingle-bells tinkling is accompanied by a tape loop. You hear that soporific nanny rehearsing: "Just do a little nap ..". It worked. Invariably Titus went to sleep on the tile.
C3) What is the sound of a cardboard box that hangs loosely on a rotating washing machine motor? Clop clop clop. Occasionally you can feel him ticking against the underside of the tile.
C4) An elastic string is connected to a propellor of a toy airplane. Very fast it rotates and hits a number of strings of an old acoustic musical instrument. A floaty howling is the result.
D1) A vibrator puts the tile in motion and under a deep roar your feet gets a massage.
D2) A car inner tube is inflated by a compressor which is next to the church to grumble. The tile is pushed up in fits and starts up again and again.
D3) A computer sample. Someone shouts behind you: "Hey, catch" Then you hear a whistle from behind, it crosses the room and then, in front of you it falls like a shattering rubbish heap. The blind people were highly appreciative of this tile.
D4) When you step on the tile a fan starts spinning and a strong piece of cardboard against the fan starts to rattle, simple and effective.