Books Table


Books Table
reinforced concrete.
In response to the Breda’s Museum and the Jan Cunen Museum.
The Breda Museum is housed in an old barracks. There is a retrospective of the Brabant artist Jan de Bie (1946). The title of the exhibition is ‘Book Landscapes’. Around one hundred and fifty works are displayed, paintings, etchings, drawings and woodcuts, but mainly books. This is a chaos of books, dashes, impressions of James Joyce’s office, a street in Dublin and many more rooms with books. These are ibraries in Europe, you know the drill, libraries with shelves up to the ceiling filled with books. Tabletops are invisible, a path is left clear to move around in between. An enlarged detail is displayed on the wall. I think I can see a piece of tabletop under the books.
From Breda in the west of the province towards Oss, in the east. The Jan Cunen Museum in Oss is situated in a monumental villa.
On the lower floor of the Jan Cunen Museum is a mural entitled ‘Pizzeria Vasari’ , painted by Gijs Frieling in 2010. Suddenly my eye is caught by one of the painted open books. At eye level I see a composition by Piet Mondrian. Now I know what will be in the open book on the table I am about to make.

Photo 2: Close-up
Photo 3: Detail ‘ Pizzeria Vasari’, by Gijs Frieling.