Ganado Bravo


Ganado Bravo
reinforced concrete (detail)
Following the visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Besides the permanent collection, there is an exhibition of the fashion designer Hubert Givenchy. I give it a miss, because I know there is a lot to see more. A museum visit makes you think first about paintings by famous masters. Dada and Constructivism to Cubism and Surrealism. From Romanticism to the first half of the last century; modern art, which it is etched with the art history lessons. From Paul Potter’s bull to the bulls of Pablo Picasso, to name but a few. And then you find yourself again in front of a bull, crying out in such distress, which will quickly fall exhausted to the ground. You just forget the rest of the museum and let this sink in. Just like with the bull pierced with a lance this morning, I saw such a bull’s head and screaming horses in Guernica. Pablo Picasso loved bullfights. The bull is everywhere. Not only in Picasso's or other paintings, but also on TVs in pubs where a bullfight is being broadcast. On bottles of sherry, as slices of meat in shop windows, as tapas and as large silhouettes on top of the mountains in northern Spain along the motorways. This is how Spain sees the bull, as a museum piece. We saw Miralda’s bull in the Reina Sofía museum today, "you cannot argue about taste," the bull as fit for consumption. Now, during this trip to Spain I am staying in the mountains north of Madrid in El Escorial. If we are near Carlos’s house, I can see them grazing. The Ganado Bravo! A group of half a dozen of the characteristic black bulls, quietly grazing in a meadow between boulders and dry scrubland, and snow. Without an arena, butchers’ knives, lances, olive oil or red cloths. There are many arguments about taste.Taste is shaped by sensory experience. This experience allows the arguments to continue. That ferocious, imposing and proud bull in all freedom, that is what I want to show you. The Spanish bull that I made earlier is like the snow-covered mountains at El Escorial. After letting the bull stand for a year at a zoo in Anna Pauwlona, somebody sent me the photograph. The black and white contrast makes the picture stronger. White cement, marble sand and Carrara marble chippings make excellent snow.
Photo 2:Pablo Picasso, Bullfight 1934 Museum Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid
Photo 3: Antoni Miralda ‘Weath and Steak 2010 Museum Reine sofia Madrid