Drains of Maslow


Drains of Maslow
Following the visit to Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris and the exhibition of Bruce Nauman
Fondation Cartier has been in existence for thirty years. On the ground floor, in the basement and outside, Bruce Nauman is exhibiting in France for the first time in fifteen years. There are none of his installations with texts in fluorescent light, I wonder what will be there. Two installations are in a large hall. I know the first, the famous carousel. Here, Bruce has suspended styrofoam animals. My attention is drawn to the other side. It looks familiar. The work entitled Anthro-Socio is from 1992: Bruce yells ”Help me, hurt me, anthropology, feed me, eat me, sociology!” on three large projections of his bald head at the other end of the hall. The sound comes from a stack of monitors. One of the projections is upside down and sometimes I think that the sound is played backwards. It is certainly an energetic cacophony. Rhythmic. His expression, with such tight presentation and timing makes a strong whole. The heads are projected exactly from skirting board to ceiling. Occasionally a head stops screaming. Then he starts again, they take turns and which changes the rhythm. I read that the intention is to annoy the visitors and to confuse them with conflicting thoughts. ‘Help me’ and ‘Hurt me’ seem to contradict each other. I am having enormous fun with Bruce’s bald head, enthusiastically asking for help. Haha, he needs no help at all. On the side is an attendant wearing ear protectors. She thinks it is fine for me to take a picture. Later, back in the Netherlands I will return to the three heads. In own my way. I will also scrape something together. No styrofoam animals, but something more robust and heavier. They are replacing the drains in the street, three gutters have been taken out ... Help me, feed me? Maybe.
Photo Drains of Maslow
Photo 2:Bruce Nauman in Fondation Cartier Paris