Following the visit to the Stedelijk museum Schiedam
Schiedam has announced the opening of "The Reality of Jan Schoonhoven”.  The exhibition is still under construction but there is plenty to see. There are several works by artists from the Zero movement, such as Armando and Henderikse. It is a remnant of the 2012 exhibition, called “I Love Holland”. I see at once a video of the legendary black and white TV report in which Wim T Schippers empties a bottle of lemonade into the North Sea at Petten. He called it ‘a truly uninteresting fact’. The interesting thing is the attention of the media and the unaccustomed atmosphere that surrounds it. Pouring this lemonade into the sea is actually one of the first performances, long before Abramović. There are also some old works by Jan Henderikse. I am standing by a collection, you could call it a junk collage of different coloured objects; jars, cans, spray cleaners, a Colgate package, a license plate from Curacao and more ‘objets trouvés’.
Aernout Mik (1962) sums it up well "... that you as the viewer do not know where you are, and you become detached." His silent film shows three men. They stand motionless in a garage, drinking something out of plastic cups and spitting it out again. This is certainly a contrast to a museum atmosphere. The men in the film behave like awkward artists putting on a performance.
I am standing beside collages by John Hendrikse. I am thinking about clearing up the garage. Then I suddenly remember a 16 mm film which I made, along with Jop Horst in the late 80s, just like Wim T Schippers there on the beach at Petten. This was somewhat inspired by the TV show with Armando and Cherry Duyns called ‘Gentleman's sorrow’. It is an obscure story, a glimpse of the beach, on blurred and worn celluloid.
2) Wim T Schippers, Petten 1961
3) photo; Jan Hendrikse at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam