Perception Hunter


Michèle Matyn
ceramic roof tiles at M HKA

Perception hunter in response to M HKA Antwerpen
There are a few exhibitions in the M HKA: Robert Filliou on the first floor, a photo exhibition below and an In Situ programme of young artists; this time, Michèle Matyn. The name In Situ is usually about the use of materials that you find at the place where you create your artwork. Michèle Matyn likes mysticism, travel and traditional folk tales. It says on the flyer that she is one of the largest and more established artists. That's quite pretentious. For who knows Michèle Matyn? Maybe she's well-known in Belgium, but my first look at something suggests that it will remain there: It is an aluminum step where a strap and chunks of foam are randomly fused together on top of a sawn piece of tree trunk. A meaningless caprice, cheap, clumsy, childish and not provocative enough to worry about. Keep moving.  
The French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou is better, according to what you read. Filliou uses texts in his work, philosophical, humorous and art questioning. He also makes collages, small installations and assemblages where he sometimes provides text again. Here perhaps is Michèle Matyn’s inspiration: Filiou puts a big tin of paint on a stool with a painter's overall but this could still be an image from everyday life. He writes ‘it would give me joy to give joy’ It goes on: compositions with shoe soles, coloured slats and Batman logos, small hand tools on hooks, a galvanized steel box with strings, a passport in it and a map of France on the door, a composition of bottles with a spiral in a white baroque frame, six black coat hangers on a crank spindle, drawings with arrows, text and lines, written text partially covered with black Scrabble letters. Filliou demonstrates that there is little difference between Fluxus and Dadaism, from which it is derived. Opposition to the prevailing conceptions of art, working with different art forms and basically anything is possible. Oh well, it’s just my idea.
At Home I am asked to create a piece in response to a poetry competition, 'DichtSlamRap’. I'll kill two birds with one stone, an assembly à la MHKA on the poem The Perception Hunter by Sven de Swerts from Antwerp. It is about a sense of security and I translated every sentence of the poem in the showcase.

Photo2: Michèle Matyn ceramic roof tiles at M HKA

Photo 3: M HKA