Concrete Seats


Concrete Seats
In response to Centraal Museum Utrecht
The Gerrit Rietveld chairs were models for wooden chairs created for the final art academy exams in 1984. I visited Gerard van de Groenekan, assistant to Gerrit Rietveld and showed him my final exam models, and was very keen on the chairs: ‘These are better than Rietveld’s designs, here I do not get a wooden backside.’ The first concrete seats then followed. Fifty designs are spread over the last thirty years, in 2012 a new chaise longue joined them.  
More at Concrete Seats. In the main museum you can admire the Rietveld chairs by Gerard van de Groenekan.
Photo2: Gerrit Rietveld chairs by Gerard van de Groenenkan in Centraal Museum Utrecht
Photo3:Hair show  (applied art) Centraal Museum Utrecht