Van Abbemuseum


Van Abbemuseum
(3x) 90 x120 cm photo print on aluminium, (detail: HA)
Following the visit to the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.
The museum dates from 1936, and is named after its founder, Henri van Abbe. In 2003 the old red-brick building was renovated and the museum space became five times bigger. There is a temporary exhibition entitled ‘Confessions of the imperfects’, about art, design, living and working. It is about the moments when artists, desiring change, intervene in life. Imperfection is something we have to learn to live with. There is obviously a lot to see, a number of images, snapshots and old photographs. A teacher stands next to a group of children sitting on the ground. She asks what the children like the most about a Chagall painting. A little boy replies. "The big red spot over there, in that corner" Very well, that is the sundown. Another child does a drawing and yet another stands with his hood up casually against a Kandinsky. I can also see a few Picassos and a Mondrian. We are surrounded by masterpieces.
Small coloured stars pop up before your eyes as you walk into a bright space where subtle colour difference is painted around black circles. It is the work of  Roland Schimmel (1954). It changes as the light from above changes. Black suns.
Opposite the staircase on a large wall John Körmeling (1951) formed the words HI and HA with brightly coloured lights in different sizes. The lights blink, hahaha hihihi. We look over the edge of the balustrade and I can see the group of children in the hall downstairs. "Look," I point upwards, "a film on the ceiling. A live performance". Fascinated the children look at the ceiling. Mysterious stains look like shoe soles. A winding line and more shadowy surfaces move in silhouette behind the glass roof. The soles disappear and appear, step by step. They come together to discuss something. They are supposedly working on the security installation or the lightning rod of the museum. That is something which suits the exhibition Confessions of the imperfects. I think that is why I have to intervene in the life. To satisfy my desire for change, I grab my camera and take some pictures. I confess I am satisfied with the imperfection and take the museum images home with me. On the computer screen I zoom in on the ceiling. If you look closely, you flip a word HA.

Photo 2:Van Abbemuseum triptych
Photo 3: John Körmeling: No title