The dinner


The dinner
2016, Acrylic on canvas, 80x80 cm
Following the visit of the Alkmaar Stedelijk museum and the Laren Singer Museum
I was told in the entrance hall of the Singer Museum in Laren that Renée Smithuis had donated eighty-five Bergen School paintings. These can be viewed here. Ms. Smithuis just happens to come along. She makes time for me and I take a photo of her with her favourite painting by Jaap Weijand entitled ‘Early Snow at the Old Court’. She tells me that, like me, she had been in Alkmaar the day before. I was there for the Bergen School exhibition, but that had just been taken down, and she was having dinner in connection with her Bergen School paintings. When I walk past the paintings and pick them out one by one, I can feel the mood of that group of artists. The paintings are of farmers and landscapes, with rough brush marks and dark colours. They painted together and regularly went on holiday with each other. I have also painted and become friends with other artists. We have worked in each other’s workshops. One of the painters and a good friend is Jan van der Meer (1945), he organised a dinner for his seventieth birthday. I was one of the seven guests,  and I was informed that the theme of the evening was art on the farm.
photo 2: Alkmaar  Museum
photo 3: Renée Smithuis at Singer Museum Laren